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Take the first step: qualify for membership in the Cremation Society by paying the one-time, non-refundable online processing fee and keying in your cremation-applicant data. The fee is $40.00.


We keep your information for use in simplifying your cremation arrangements at the time of need. Become a member today so you can begin to preplan. In order to qualify for membership discount rates, your membership application must be received 24 hours prior to need. If you have just experienced a loss and require immediate service, please see the immediate need section of this website or call us directly first.


We want to be sure you understand the above fee does not constitute a funded prearrangement for cremation. This is a membership. The choice in services and products are yours.



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Upon submitting the member application form, click "Pay Now" below to pay the $40 Cremation Society Membership Fee, or click "Pre-plan Now" to begin pre-planning your arrangements.


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